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Polimek Electronic

As Polimek Elektronik  we are  an innovative technology company that provides personnel attendance control systems, access control and security control systems includes biometric technology, turnstiles, x-ray scanners, metal detector, roadbarriers to many public institutions, organizations, schools, hospitals and many private organizations from Izmir, Turkey since 1995.

Polimek Elektronik develops both software and hardware products and providing its installation and technical service.

Our company is the industry leader with the experience and market dominance of hundreds of successful personnel monitoring and access control projects for 26 years.

The most important feature that distinguishes Polimek Elektronik from other companies is the importance we give to customer satisfaction.

Main products:

X-ray Baggage- Luggage Scanner Metal detectors- Walkthrough Metal Detector-Hand Held Detector Turnstiles Bollard Access Control Reader Guard Tour Control Systems

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