Aygersan Aydınlatma Gereçleri Tic. San. A.Ş.

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Aygersan was established in Ankara in 1971 by a multi-partner group to manufacture headlights for automotive lighting. Türk Tractor in Ankara and  TOFAŞ Automobile Factory, which started production in the years of Aygersan's establishment, became Aygersan's first main industry customers. Since 1987, Aygersan; By joining Bayraktarlar, it has started to carry on successful activities in the automotive sector with Farba, a member of Bayraktarlar. Aygersan's mission is determined as "to increase its recognition in the Automotive Lighting Sector by making quality, competitive production and sales with environmental awareness". Its vision is defined as "to reach the standards of a global company by exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders in the Automotive Lighting Sector". Today, Aygersan has become a well-known manufacturer in the automotive industry, both in Turkey and abroad, with its ever-increasing international sales and growing customer portfolio.

Main products:

Headlights, taillamps, turn indicators, DRL’s, reflexes, side markers,interior lights.

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