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Our company where experience and knowledge meet is aware of global trends and thoroughly research the actual needs that how we create an idea of BUSYPOD with our highly experienced and expert team. With the aim to realize our idea, we started to work out for creating the best products. After this long process, we decided to establish our brand. We spend most of our time in the workplace and we are aware of the need to have peaceful and comfortable working environments in order to produce our most efficient works and ideas. Technical details are designed to provide the most comfortable and best working environment.

In order to provide you with this peaceful environment, our designs have sound insulation which is serious environmental pollution that affects human health very negatively at the top of the list. Products that are made by us have a compact, optional, easy set-up, spacious, light and elegant design. We aim to create personal and sound-insulated areas for your meetings, video conferences with your colleagues or your guests in open offices. We have solved these problems, which are difficult to solve the existing products on the market, with our expert friends who have been working in the field for more than 15 years and with our designer friends who have brought comfort and quality. After all, we are here as a completely new and dynamic brand as a result of knowledge, experience and working with determination.

Main products:

Office Furniture, Phone Booth, Acoustic Pod

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