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Mom's Natural Foods

We make MOM’S natural foods for people that won’t compromise between healthy and delicious. We want our product to be affordable and widely available for everyone. All ingredients that we use could be easily read, understood, and pronounced. Mom’s doesn’t have any chemical additives, coloring, flavoring, and sugar. We believe that it is very important to read the ingredients of the product carefully before you buy one. So we created types of granola, muesli & cookie as simple as, delicious, and as original as prepared by mothers.Small batch artisanal process


We are in pursuit of additive-free, plant based food. We maintain a small batch oven baked artisanal process. We increased the richness of the oat with fruits, nuts and seeds. We used evaporated apple juice instead of refined sugar and added one of the most valuable foods in nature: wheat germ. We roasted our granola using extra virgin olive oil. We never use any preservatives, sweeteners, or aromas in our granola. You may prepare it with milk, yoghurt, ice cream or, if you wish, with added fresh fruits of your choice. Or as we often prefer to do; that is, by the handful.



Real Fruit






Oven Baked



High fiber



All natural



Vegan, Vegetarian



Magnesium, phosphore, iron and zinc source



Tiamin (B1) and Vitamin E Source



Protein Source



No palm oil



No added sugar



No artificial aromas



No artificial preservatives



No additives



No added salt



No trans fat



No hydrated oils



No high fructose corn syrup



No glucose

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