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We  have been succesfully completed different Project  at 4 continents with 6 country by the 24 different nationalities.

About Company:

Our company mission is to keep quality by the first basic principle. We are one of small Professional company : Our company  has high efficency systematic  producing solution according to requirement for the comply the scope of works at time. Our difference is our quality and solution engineering. We would like to make more an more by the quality at  work .

What we are doing:

Successfully completed projects, Industrial plants, Wastewater treatment plants, Portable water treatment plants, Natural gas pipeline, Oil pipelines, Carbon and stand stall storage tanks construction works, Fire extinguishing systems, Heating, Water installation, Ventilation and HVAC system. We have worked in industrial plant, shopping centers, hospitals, high buildings and all kinds of commercial structures.


PLAN B ENGINEERING   providing more than invest for the employer by the  experienced teams .We are working under the art & engineering rules. All of our team members selected high motivated, honestly reliable by special job profession. 

We would like to:

Your company profile and your scope of works very suitable for us; We would like to do prepare proposal for the current projects. We would like to provide high quality staff or partial metarial turnkey bussiness with your company

Note: Company introduction page are attached by reference list. Last version of reference list under the construction. Example; ‘’Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge Project’’, Japanese generator, TOKYO ROPE and IHI INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS. We have been completed all connection  pieces of the bridge. We have current and ongoing projects such as Romania, Serbia, Morocco, Mexico, USA, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Libya Russia, Bulgaria, Greece


We are trying to assembling  big business cooperation of your projects. Which makes both side happy.We would like prepare bid for your current projects .It shall be first step of the make business. We would like to make business. We would like to meet with you at first occasion face to face at your office or Turkey.

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Main products:

WE EXPORT ALL MATERIAL AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR THE LISTED SYSTEMS. *Heating, cooling and ventilation systems * Fire facility systems * Sanitary installation systems * Steam facility installations * Hot water and hot oil systems * Gas installation systems * Pressured air installation systems * Process installations

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