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Friterm A.Ş

FRITERM A.S. was founded in Istanbul in 1979. The company has developed its know-how and expertise by providing design, manufacturing, contract and sales services in Commercial Cooling, Industrial Cooling and Air Conditioning.

In time, Friterm has preferred to specialize on finned type heat exchangers and focused on the production of Air Cooled Condensers, Evaporators, Air Coolers, Dry Coolers, Water/Glycol Air Heaters and Coolers, Steam Heaters, Oil Coolers and Heat Recovery Coils for the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry.

The company has included the energy sector in its fields of activity at the beginning of 2000s and expanded its product range. It has been designing and producing LT/HT Radiators, Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling and Heating Units, Oil Coolers, Air Cooled ORC Condensers and Steam Condensers for the sector through its customized software.

CO2 Gas Coolers and Unit Coolers were added in the range in 2010 followed by Ammonia Evaporators and Condensers added in the product range in 2012 with the initiation of stainless steel pipe production. 2014 and 2015 were the years of transition of energy efficient, user friendly, high performing new generation Evaporators and Condensers.

FRITERM is at the disposal of the sector with its two manufacturing plants on an indoor area of 19,000 m2 in Tuzla - Istanbul with 246 competent staff and modern machinery park.

FRITERM will reinforce its role as a leading supplier in the Air Conditioning and Energy Sector with its New Facility at Makine Ihtisas Organized Industrial Zone built on an indoor area of 36,000 m2 over 60-decares of land, which will start to operate at the second quarter of 2016.

The Manufacturing and the Office Buildings have been designed to use natural resources such as solar and wind showing utmost attention to protect the environment to obtain the BREEAM certificate for the Manufacturing Building and the LEED Certificate for the Office Building.

Following the commissioning of the facility, the FRITERM ACADEMY, R&D and Lab in the Tuzla Facility activities will grow exponentially and FRITERM’s contribution to the science of Heat Transfer will increase.

Main products:

·       Finned Tube Heat Exchangers ·       Glycol & Propylene Unit Coolers, ·       Freon Dx Coolers, ·       CO2 Gas Cooler ·       CO2 Dx Coolers, ·       CO2 Vaporisers ·       NH3 & CO2 Pumped Coolers ·       NH3 DX Coolers ·       NH3 Air Cooled Condenser +Adiabatic PreCooling ·       Dry Coolers – Wet/Dry Coolers, ·       Adiabatic Pre Coolers with cooling pad, ·       Air cooled Condensers, ·       Air cooled Condenser for Steam&Geothermal turbines ·       Blast Freezers, ·       Starbox Condensing Unit, ·       Display Cabinet Coils, ·       Charge air coolers, ·       LT/HT Radiators, ·       Oil Coolers, ·       Run Around Heat Recovery Units, ·       Heat Pipe Heat Recovery Units ·       Horseshoe Heat Pipes, ·       Fin Fan Coolers for Industrial Applications ·       Falling Film Heat Exchangers (Absorption Systems)

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