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Bomaksan; It is a young, dynamic, innovative and environmentally friendly company that has successfully completed all processes from system design to implementation in the HVAC industry since 1986, and has formed long-term relationships with its customers with its after-sales service and maintenance services. In recent years, the Industrial Ventilation, Gas Treatment and Filtration sector has gained a special importance within the framework of the increasing environmental awareness all over the world due to global warming and the measures required to be taken as per international agreements. In parallel with these developments, Bomaksan started the production of Dust Collection, Gas Purification and Filtration devices and in a short time managed to make a name for itself with praise. Among its applications, it has come to the forefront with the successful solutions it offers for dust, gas and smoke problems of various industrial facilities. It manufactures Jet-Pulse filters, centrifugal fans, cyclones and oil mist filters for this sector. It also provides services in Gas Treatment. Bomaksan; carries out its production and sales activities within the framework of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System. In order to make its success sustainable, it continues its R&D activities by increasing it.

Main products:

Industrial Filtration and Ventilation Products Commercial Air Purifiers Mobile Filter Products Fume and Dust Collectors Oil Mist Filter products Portable HEPA Filter Type Air Purifiers Fume and DUst Extraction Arms Fume and Dust Extraction Bench Plasma Cutting Jet Pulse Filtration products Laser Cutting Jet Pulse Filtration products CNC machine oil mist filtration products Air Tower products for Production Hall Ventilation Compact Type Jet Pulse Filtration products for Dust and Fume Extraction and filtration

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