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Hidropar HKTM company is your solution partner for "turnkey" projects in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems and linear motion systems. Our company carries on business since 1998. The company was established as the official partner and the system integrator of the Bosch Rexroth company in Turkey, and since that period constantly expands its activities.
Now the company has its own industrial site and the modern equipment, allowing to carry out production of hydraulic systems at the high technological level according to the international standards. The staff of technical and design departments of the company is consists of qualified specialists in the field of hydraulics. We seek to find an individual approach to each demand in the work and to realize requirements of customers with the best quality in optimum terms and at the most acceptable prices.
Hidropar HKTM offers the following types of works and services:
• Development and production of hydraulic stations and hydraulic systems according to the task of the Customer
• Repair and service of hydraulic components
• Providing technical consultations in the sphere of hydraulics, replacement and modernization of the outdated equipment
• Production and delivery of hydraulic cylinders of the standard and special design
• Delivery of the industrial equipment and spare parts
• Services on periodic maintenance and overhauls of hydraulic systems
• Providing trainings of specialists in the field of hydraulics
Hidropar HKTM provides its production to the following industries: aluminum, packaging, whiteware, metallurgy, machine-building, mining, rafinery, foundry, forging, ship-building, construction, rubber, automotive industry and its sub-industries, plastic injection, amusement machines.
Our company offers a full service range from design before production up to start-up in operation of hydraulic systems, so the result of our work is "Good Engineering".
Here attached we send for your attention presentation of our company. We will be glad to answer your inquiries and also to direct our experts for carrying out detailed presentation on your site or for study of a specific matter with further providing the technical and commercial offer.

Rexroth: Hydraulic, pneumatic, lineer, servo products etc.
Roth: Bladder accumulator, diaphragm accumulator, piston accumulator, nitrogen bottles, (old-named bolenz&schäfer)
EMB: Hydraulic interconnect components
GATES: Hydraulic hoses, Hydraulic hoses machines
SITEMA: Clamping units and brakes for mechanical engineering
GRACO: Silicon dosing, lubricating systems and grease pump
KTR: Coupling, bellhosing, tork limiter, Hydraulic accessories
WITTENSTEIN: Reductors, gears,
TURCK: Sensors, fieldbus, machine safety systems
DUFF-NORTON: Screw jacks, rotary unions
STAUFF: Diagtronics and Filtration technology
ARTESIS: Predictive maintenance products
HKTM: Hydraulic cylinders, Hydraulic blocks, Hydraulic projects, Hydraulic rotary actuators

Main products:

Hydraulic power units, hydraulic blokcs, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic rotary actuators, pneumatic units, automations-robotic, hydraulic-pneumatic-mechatronics training sets.

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