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Akten Kozmetik San. ve Paz. A.Ş.

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THALIA Natural Beauty

AKTEN Cosmetics is manufacturer of “THALIA” brand Natural Personal Care products as;

·        Skin Care:

o   Face Creams

o   Anti-Aging Creams

o   Face Masks

o   BB creams

o   Eye Contour

o   Serums & Tonics

o   Peeling (Scrub)

o   Cleaning Foams

o   Rose Water & Oil

·        Body Care:

o   Body Creams & Lotions & Gels

o   Hand & Food Creams

o   Sun Protection Creams

o   Peeling (Scrub)

o   Shower Gels

o   Forte Balsams

o   Intimate Hygiene

o   Perfume

o   Cologne

o   Body Mist & Shimmers

·        Hair Care:

o   Herbal Shampoos (Anti-Hair Loss)

o   Shampoos 

o   Conditioners

o   Spray Conditioners (No Rinse)

o   Hair Masks

o   Natural Oils

o   Solid Shampoos

·        Baby Care:

o   Soaps

o   Shampoos

·        Soaps:

o   Natural Solid Soaps (Wide range with natural plant extracts)

o   Perfumed Soaps

o   Liquid Soaps

·        Gift Sets:

o   Corporate Gift Sets

o   Personal Gift Sets

o   Travel Sets

AKTEN Cosmetics Co. Ltd. (since1988) is a custom formulator and manufacturer of "natural" personal care products. AKTEN Cosmetics combine naturally derived active ingredients, extracts from plants of the nature and organic essential oils. 

As a pioneer in natural skin, body, and hair care, Akten produces unique and innovative formulations at the R&D department of it which is located in Istanbul University /TeknoPark. 

Research and Development department of AKTEN Cosmetics has a proven track record of experience in developing INNOVATIVE natural and effective cosmetics. Akten Cosmetic has gained patent rights for main ingredient of anti-hair loss shampoo named PhytoComplex AHL®.  Phytocomplex AHL® is a unique raw material obtained from a mixture of 24 different kinds of plant extracts.

THALIA NATURAL BEAUTY branded Akten Cosmetics products, such as natural soaps, hair care products and skin care products are meeting with our consumers along with our slogan: "the easiest way of natural care". We address the individual concerns of each customer’s skin in a comprehensive way. 

Each THALIA NATURAL BEAUTY product offers multiple actions: hydration, protection from environmental stressors, prevention and treatment of signs of aging. Also we focused on hair skin problems, hair losses problems with our 100% certified essential oils. All products are ideal partners that reinforce each other and act synergistically to offer maximum results.

Akten Cosmetics, also produces private label products to large enterprises, except his own brand. For example; Carrefour natural series, A.S.Watsons, Gratis, English Home, Farmasi, UniceMultibrand, Primanova natural series etc. Akten Cosmetics also has exports to more than 30 different countries with their own brands and private label products.

Akten Cosmetics has an integrated production facilities and have world-class quality certificates. Our facilities were designed according to ISO 9001 standards. We have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate and HALAL products certificate for all stages of production of human health associated products. Also we have Sedex and Disney: The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange Compliances. These documents are showing our point of view for the quality, the safety of cosmetics, and the importance given to consumer. Our products are cruelty free - PETA approved.

Main products:

Natural Personal Care, Herbal Shampoo, Skin and Body Creams, Lotions, Peeling, Face and Hair Masks, Body Mist, Perfume, Cologne and Natural Soaps.

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