Vector Bilimsel Test Cihazları

Vector Bilimsel Test Cihazlari Serv. Hizm. Ulus. Dış. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Vector Bilimsel Test Cihazları

VECTOR is the leading manufacturer and supplier of testing devices for cement, iron and steel, defense industry and construction materials in Turkey and has become a globally recognized and reliable company.

VECTOR exports its products to more than 50 countries through its authorized distributors and representatives.

Company manufactures all its products in-house, starting from the design up to software and machinery manufacturing.

Moreover Vector carries out mechanical and software modernizations of UTM's of all world brands, and offers you a high quality service complying with modern technologies.

VECTOR offers you original software solutions by researching and developing new products, methods, processes and procedures matching your designs.

Our company produces for its customers in many countries around the world not only robust and high quality products, but also digital, smart and life-enhancing solutions.

The research and development department of the company includes product design and software activities by designing new systems and applications, as well as technology-oriented and technical activities that provide scientific and technological development in the field.

Vector's technical service department provides after-sales product installation and training services to the customers all over the world with its experienced technical personnel.

Main products:

Universal Testing Machine Charpy Impact (Pendulum) Tester Cement Test Devices Chambers Extensometer

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