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1000 VOLT

1000 Volt was founded in 2005 to do post production and visual effects.

It provides the most advanced post production services in Turkey with its inhouse, contracted and freelance creative talents and strong technical infrastructure.

1000 Volt, which also has an office in Los Angeles, aims to produce international projects by making various investments in content development areas.

1000 Volt has been providing post production services to local and international customers for many years. Among the customers it has served for years are companies such as Vodafone, PepsiCo, Unilever, O3, CJ CGV, Netflix, Disney.

1000 Volt is part of a large family within Arıkanlı Holding, which is among the largest groups in Turkey with its 18,000 employees. Arıkanlı Holding operates the logistics company Yurtiçi Kargo, educational institutions Mef Schools and University and 1000 Volt Post Production companies.  

1000 VOLT has been one of the main vendors of Netflix and digital platforms in Turkey for many years. It has been serving these platforms for years in both VFX and full post production processes. It is the first preferred VFX company in Turkey, especially for VFX-heavy projects.

1000 Volt has a team of around 80 in-house  and contracted artists who are creatively driven and armed with experience, skills and knowledge. Depending on the needs of the projects we also have a list of talented freelance artists who are able to work collectively with our team in our projects.  

Main products:

Cinema, advertising, series film

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