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At BLADECO Energy, we are a company specializing in energy solutions, established in 2008. We began our journey by supplying ballistic bulletproof and armored materials, gradually developing our expertise in providing top-quality products and services in these fields. Starting in 2014, we shifted our focus to working on mechanical systems within domestic public projects, continuing to uphold high standards of quality and reliability in this domain. In 2018, we expanded our horizons to international mega projects, solidifying our presence on the global stage while emphasizing quality and innovation. Our strategic partnership with the Dubai-based investment group Jawharat Development Investment in 2020 marked a significant milestone toward achieving our ambition of making a broader impact in the energy sector.

 At BLADECO Energy, our commitment goes beyond the energy sector; we aim to play a leading role in the future of transportation and infrastructure solutions. With a 900 MW solar panel facility and the production and operation of electric vehicle charging stations, we are making substantial contributions to eco-friendly energy and sustainable transportation realms. Our goal is to merge innovation and quality to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the world's energy and technological needs. Through projects that add value to our customers, partners, and society, we will continue to lead in shaping the future of energy transformation.


"Domestic Innovation, International Quality"

Main products:

Aluminum Pine-Solar Panel--Steel Product-AC/DC EV Charging Station

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