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Turkey's first and highest capacity Steel Wire Mesh factory was established in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 1971. This facility, which was operated by different companies until 2001, was incorporated into BMS GROUP in September 2004 after 3 years.

BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN., which started its operations again with new and modern machinery additions after radical modernization works. AND TRADE Inc. Today, it is Turkey's most modern and highest capacity steel mesh factory. With the latest machine additions and enlarged closed areas, the annual capacity has reached 120,000 tons/year of steel mesh and 120,000 tons/year of cold drawn bars. Operating in a total area of ​​12,000 m², including 7000 m² closed and 5000 m² open, BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN. AND TRADE Inc. It produces in accordance with standards such as ASTM, DIN and BSI, which are generally accepted in the world, especially Turkish standards. Quality controls of the produced steel mesh and cold drawn bars are constantly carried out in the on-site laboratory, and quality control tests are also carried out periodically in the university test laboratory. Steel mesh, a product of modern technology, provides savings of 35%-40% in time, labor and consumption, depending on the place of use. BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN., which has TSE and ISO certificates. AND TRADE Inc. Apart from the standard size (500 cm x 215 cm), it also produces special sizes according to the project or need. In addition to steel mesh, plain and ribbed (between 1 mt - 12 mt) steel rods or coils are produced in ST IVB quality from Ø 4 mm to Ø 12 mm.

BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN. AND TRADE Inc. In addition to its assertive position in Turkey, it accounts for 30% of Turkey's Steel Wire Mesh exports. Some of the export countries are USA - Greece - TRNC. - Libya - Iraq - Nigeria - North Yemen - Germany - Russia - Jamaica - Syria - Albania - Israel - Croatia and Africa. Adopting continuous quality as a principle, BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN. AND TRADE Inc. It has adopted absolute customer satisfaction as its principle. For this reason, BMS ÇELİK HASIR SAN. AND TRADE Inc. With its expert staff, it answers and resolves all your questions and problems about steel mesh and cold-drawn steel bars as soon as possible.

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Wire Mesh Cold-drawn Reinforcing Deformed Bars Cold-drawn Reinforcing Plain Bars Reinforcing Rebar in Coil

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