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Company Profile:

At Kargopek, we are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for businesses across various industries. With a focus on environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction, we offer a wide range of packaging products made from eco-friendly materials such as cornstarch and PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Product Range:

Biodegradable Plastic Bags: Made from PLA, our biodegradable plastic bags offer the same functionality as traditional plastic bags but with a reduced environmental impact.

Reusable Shopping Bags: Our reusable shopping bags are not only durable and long-lasting but also stylish, making them a preferred choice for environmentally conscious shoppers.

Custom Packaging Solutions: We understand that every business has unique packaging needs. That's why we offer custom packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements, including custom printing and branding options.

Kraft Paper Bags: Our kraft paper bags are sturdy, recyclable, and perfect for a wide range of retail and promotional packaging needs.

Environmental Commitment:

At Kargopek, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. By offering eco-friendly packaging alternatives and promoting sustainable practices, we strive to contribute to a cleaner and greener planet for future generations.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

We value collaboration and partnerships with businesses that share our commitment to sustainability. Whether you are a small local business or a multinational corporation, we welcome the opportunity to work together towards a common goal of environmental stewardship.

Main products:

Kraft Paper Bags Biodegradable Plastic Bags Reusable Shopping Bags Custom Packaging Solutions Lockable Bags Zipper Bags Textile Bags Courier Bags Store Bags Pocket Sleeping Gown Cornstarch-Based Packaging PLA-Based Packaging Wicket Bags OPP Roll Bread Bags Vacuum Packaging PE Transport Bags Industrial Nylon Bags Plastic Bag Sealing Tapes Gift Bags Jewelry Bags

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