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Our company was established in 1995. It has been continuing its operations under the title of Metropet Import Export Construction Limited Company since 2014.

Our company supplies, imports and exports crude oil and petroleum products domestically and abroad. We have a 12000 m2 warehouse with a storage capacity of 6000 tons in Eastern Turkiye and a 12000 m2 warehouse with a storage capacity of  5000 tons in Orhanlı Tuzla / Istanbul.

Our main activity is to supply and sale of bitumen, which is the asphalt raw material. With our many years of experience and the effective logistics network we have established, we provide fast and effective service to many countries in Turkiye and around the World . We mainly supply of bitumen with 50/70, 60/70 and 160/220 penetration values. The amount of bitumen we supply and sell in 2022 is 160,000 tons. We can deliver our products hot or cold in 1 ton bigbags or barrels upon customer request.

Our company has become one of most sought-after brand in the national and international markets with the crude oil and petroleum products trade since its establishment.

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