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Our products are quite innovative and different from the normal market products. For example, we developed a multi-purpose product called "Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone", and it has been selected as the "Most Innovative Cleaning Product of 2017". We are selling this special product a million bottles/per month. Our Chemist Sevginar Bastekin develop as "Multi-Functional Cleaner with Silicone", "Joint Cleaner", "Hygiene Magician", "Bleach Additive Narsprin-Gel Multipurpose Surface Cleaner", first domestic “Professional Stain Remover", special design "Brush & Stain Remover" and "Stain Removal Wipes" under the HighGenic brand. We also manufacture hygiene products as Hygiene wipes and Hygiene magician with oxygen and natural products like as Liquid Soap, Roll On, Hair & Body Care products, Cleaning Products. We are aiming our products to be accessible for all the customers, therefore we have an average price policy. 1K Kimya Corporation, who developed and improved original and innovative products and brought it together with consumers under the name of HighGenic Brand, is a 100% domestic company established with its own capital. Since its establishment in 2010, it has showed a leading entrepreneur in the sector with its brand that has been pioneered by millions in a short time. Our Chemist Sevginar Bastekin, who is the Founding Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors became a winner in the Turkey's women entrepreneurs contest in 2017. "Smart Cleaning" and "Cleaning Doctor" mottos are our main guide in the process of designing new products. We develop multifunctional, new and different products that make cleaning easy and enjoyable. Our products, which are produced in a fully equipped factory with high-tech automation systems, are currently being sold on a continuous basis and / or activity basis at more than 15,000 points in 81 cities and reach final consumer. We have increased the distribution of our products through the establishment of regional sales management with the distributors and dealerships within these managements. Our customers are now able to access our products much more easily in Turkey. We also export to 15 different coutries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Iraq, Cyprus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.

Main products:

Cleaning Products, Professional Stain Remover, Hygiene Products

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