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KARDEMIR ROLLING MILL is a part of KARDEMIR GROUP COMPANIES which is one of the leading Turkish manufacturers and exporters of Structural steel ‘hot rolled low carbon merchant bars and beams/sections’ and ‘cold drawn low carbon iron bars & wires’ together with its sister company ‘KAR-EL’. (product ranges as attached) Today, annual production capacity of Kardemir Rolling Mill is about 750.000 tons of hot rolled steel merchant bars and beams, as well as KAR-EL with 100.000 tons of low-medium-high carbon iron wires. Kardemir ows this success to its 60 year experience in steel business and its competitiveness in more than 100 export markets with 80% share against 20% local market . Currently, Kar-demir serves with its 3 production lines in 2 mills for Merchant bars and beams/sections and a separate plant for wire products in Turkey Merchant bars & Beams / Sections range : * Equal Angles from 19mm to 150mm * Plain Flat Bars from 10mm to 150mm * Hammered Flat bars (20-25-30-40mm) * Serrated flat bars from 20mm to 50mm * Square Bar from 8mm to 50mm * Hammered Square Bars (11,5*11,5 / 12*12 / 14*14mm) * Round Bars from 11 to 30mm * T Bars from 20mm to 50mm using the full authomatical and highest technological facilities within the international standards and certifications * IPN from 80mm to 300mm * IPE from 80mm to 400mm * IPE A and AA from 80mm to 200mm * IPE AAA and IPE AAAA 80mm to 140mm * UAC 40-50-60-65 (Small UPNs) * UPN from 80mm to 300mm (European mm sizes) * U Channels / C Shapes 3”-4”-6”-8” (American inch sizes) * RSJ 102mm KAR-EL range: Hot dipped galvanized wire, black annealed wire, cold rolled straightened plain or deformed bars in sae 1006 or 1008 quality, wood nails, copper plated wire, cable armouring wire, oil tempered wire, welded wire mesh, welding wire, chain link fence/panel mesh, pvc coated wire,barbed wire, razor wire cold rolled deformed bar sor plain bars (from 4,5mm to 10mm)

Main products:

equal angles, plain flat bars, serrated flat bars, plain round bars, square bars, t bars, upn, ıpn, ipe, ipeaa, c shape (u channel)

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