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Ram with its annual turnover of 600 million USD, has been active in the markets of Europe, USA, Central Asian Republics, Middle East, Northern Africa, South America and Far East with its representative offices and global affiliates. Main business units within RAM are:

International Trade & Operations Unit

Commodities, raw materials and industrial products, consumer goods (food & non-food items such as canned products, biscuits, hygiene products, such as baby diapers, hygienic and adult pads, tissue paper, etc)

Business Development & Special Projects Unit

RamMobile (New concept of mobile solutions include mobile hospitals, laboratories, Intensive Care Units)

RamHealth (Hospital beds and furnitures, Respiratory Ventilators, PCR test kits, PPE (Personal protective equipments)

RamAid (Humanitarian aid & relief packages delivered to UN agencies in many countries)

Iron & Steel Unit

Supplies a yearly volume of 350,000 mt of flat steel through central purchasing to Koç Group companies and their tiers mainly in automotive and durable goods industries. Recently expanded its product portfolio with aluminium and other light alloys.

Exclusive Representation Unit

Ram is ready to represent foreign companies who wish to enter the Turkish market as well as to introduce their products in Turkey’s neighbouring regions such as Middle East and Central Asia.

Main products:

International Trade Mobile Solutions – RamMobile Automotive Products Energy Commodities, Raw Materials & Industrial Products Consumer Goods Aid & Development – RamAid Operations Central Purchasing

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