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Sarbak was established in 1976 in Istanbul Hadımköy and we moved to our facilities in Tekirdağ/Çerkezköy in 2002. We feel the right proud of the success, which we have achieved since our establishment until today, of becoming the number one brass producer in our country as well as becoming one of the world's known brass producers. We produce Brass rod and sections, Brass ingot, Brass billet and Brass profiles in traditional and in new generation low lead and lead free alloys. Our yearly capacity is 90000 tons . We export 40% of our production to mainly EU , Middle East, North Africa and Australia. Sarbak will continue to exist as an internationally leading company with activities carried out in the field of non-ferrous metal brass production by extending to many sectors from automotive to industry. We are renewing our experience and accumulation in this day and age when the world continues to grow fast and the needs renew themselves every day. The satisfaction of you, our valuable customers, is a must for us while serving with our innovative approaches in the brass industry with our experienced technical team and engineering staff who are fully equipped and renew themselves every day. Our goal is to make people's lives easier, better, healthier and more beautiful with our technology. As Sarbak Metal A.Ş, we have established our innovation strategy to meet the needs of our customers with the increasingly qualified brass materials with the developing technology by using our knowledge and experience from past to present. The driving factors of innovation at Sarbak Metal are both internal and external sources. Ideas and opinions of employees at every level within the company are transformed into product innovation, process innovation and customer focused innovation applications by evaluating them. Sarbak Metal also uses the results of research and development activities carried out with universities for innovation applications, the information acquired from various consulting services and the technology transfers that are acquired through commercial agreements. We place innovation culture in Sarbak Metal and have it adopted by all of our staff. We determine the current and future needs of our customers and to produce such products it brings the necessary technology and talents to Sarbak Metal. Even in the smallest project of our company, every precaution has been taken for the health and safety of our employees. In carrying out all these activities, with the understanding that every source may end someday, it is our primary duty to adopt and disseminate sustainable environmental consciousness. With an understanding of quality, customer-focused approach and ensuring our employees' health and safety, we are happy to say that we are doing needs to be done in our activity field and we are always ready to take more responsibility in order to provide a livable future for our children.

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