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İstanbul Teknik is a Turkish building material and civil engineering company, that was founded in 1998 serving the construction industry. İstanbul Teknik manufactures and sells products offering maximum benefit to the construction industry with the most suitable solution for the projects employed. İstanbul Teknik has a wide product range from infrastructure to estates and from asphalt applications to waterproofing. İstanbul Teknik comes forward with its quality products, perfect services, experience, and confidence.

İstanbul Teknik is manufacturing geogrid since 2011 April in its factory. Products were presented to the market with ForTex and AsfaltTex brand names. İstanbul Teknik operates with the latest technology manufacturing lines. İstanbul Teknik carries on R&D studies in its laboratory with skilled staff.

İstanbul Teknik exports to 72 countries including Europe, Turkic Republics, and Middle East Countries. İstanbul Teknik offers relevant solutions to its customers with over 20 engineers and architects, 150 employees and 1.000 selling points around Turkey.

İstanbul Teknik operates according to EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards. Also, İstanbul Teknik has CE and IVG certificates which means that its products can be used in the Europan market. İstanbul Teknik keeps its leader position in the market without a concession from customer satisfaction with the ‘Ready to Improve Your Construction’ motto.

Main products:

Geogrid, Geocomposite, Non Woven GEotextile, Geomembrane, Mechanically Satbilized Earth Walls, Asphald additives, Tunel, Building Insulation, Landfill, Ponds, Soil improvment.

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