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At BY Toys, we believe that all materials that shape the lives of children,

by helping them improve their imaginations and develop mentally, physically, and psycho-socially, are toys.


BY’s toys assist in fulfilling a large portion of a child’s pre-education cycle. They augment the natural imaginative

abilities that accompany childhood, and help children improve their abilities of evaluation and consideration.

In so doing this, BY Toys help children learn how to make choices, express themselves, and concentrate on the

specific areas that they most enjoy. BY’s toys help children master shapes, dimensions, and colors,

and they familiarize them with alphanumeric characters. 


BY toys can be integral part of child development at a variety of stages and can, therefore, be used productively

by children of different ages and different levels of intelligence. BY Toys products are imaginative toys that teach children

different ways of thinking, but they are also a vital part of a child’s social life. Our Company understands that

playtime should be instructive as well as fun and we are proud to produce high-tech products that are educational

and entartaining, dynamic and delightful. 


BY Toys takes your child’s safety seriously, and precaution is our priority. All BY products are tested in the

prestigious toy-testing centers, SGS. For your child’s safety and your piece of mind,

we make sure all our toys meet or exceed European Union EN-71 safety standards, and that all of them carry

CE Labels. Since 1978 Dolu has been manufacturing outdoor, trucks, educational toys, girl toys, role play and other plastic toys. BY  uses state-of-the-art, high-tech, plastic

injection and molding equipment in the production of all our toys. Our company exports 40% of its products

to a number of countries across much of Europe, Africa, and Asia, while distributing the other

60% at home, on the domestic market.

Main products:

Role Play Toys (Tool Sets, Kitchen Sets, Beauty Sets, Doctor Sets) Trucks Cars Figurines Play Sets

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