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Our company, which has been serving in the educational toys and stationery sector, has a distinctive and successful graphic since the day it entered the sector. Our company, which started to produce Play Dough in Istanbul in 2007, entered the market in 2015 as Turkey's first modelling sand producer. Our company, which continues its activities with a strong staff who are experts in their fields and can think creatively, offers a game-changing product portfolio with the logic of what more we can offer to our customers in all our products with the experience, common sense and foresight gained in the Educational Toys and stationery sector.
EREN Educational Toy Stationery Inc. As, every product, every idea, every project we produce is the result of unique R&D studies. We are honored to present our customers with this product group that makes them feel special to consumers and to meet you with the meticulousness we have shown in our products.

Our products have taken their final shape by combining substances that are harmless to health, in accordance with our "health first" principle. Each one is produced with high raw material components. HEROES, which is an educational toy brand within our company, includes researches that can be positive and beneficial in terms of your children's hand skills, intelligence development and psychological reflection.

To meet the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties in the sector we are in, to observe applicable conditions, to continuously improve the success of our company and the quality of our products.

It has crowned itself with compliance with European Standard CE. We export to 32 countries around the world with our HEROES brand.

Main products:

Modelling Dough Kinetic Sand Colors Water bottle

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