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Yasin Kaplan Carpet

Since 1983, Yasin Kaplan Carpet is trying to be a leading company in the carpet sector by encouraging and supporting all the best for the development and improvement of the sector. It is not only about customer satisfaction and takes place in the market. It is about offering education and continuous improvement for our employees. It is about taking responsibility for the customers, suppliers, employees and this earth planet. It is about creating a better place and a better quality of life for all of us, now and for future generations.

Yasin Kaplan Carpet has developed consistently throughout the past 33 years to become one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey of high-quality machine-made carpets. 


Yasin Kaplan Carpet is producing almost all kinds of machine-made carpets with big assortment and color banks. 

Yasin Kaplan Tekstil has a production capacity of 9 million sqm per year of Carpet and 5.400 Tons of yarn per year. 

Kaplan Carpet is one of the biggest exporters in its sector and in general export in Turkey (in first 1000 Exporters in Turkey as per data from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Turkish Exporters Committee)

Currently, Yasin Kaplan Carpet is exporting to 6 continents and over 70 countries all over the world. The main markets are America, EU, middle-east countries and the Far East and South Asia Countries. 

Quality policy

Yasin Kaplan Carpet believes that quality values must be internalized at every level of the rganization. Our approach to communicating and implementing these values is one of encouragement, education and training rather than policing. The President has defined the quality policies and objectives for Yasin Kaplan Carpet and has established a quality management system to ensure that the quality policies and objectives are understood, implemented and maintained. We would like to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with good service and high quality in design, color and service with qualified staff. 


The main aim of Quality Policy is customer satisfaction and respect for the environment. Yasin Kaplan Carpet has a system to control each step of production. There are the Input material and raw material inspection department, process controlling and final product inspection. The products manufactured by our factory are also checked for national and international quality compliance and certification.


•             Child Labour is a global issue, it plays a role in developed as well as developing countries. Yasin Kaplan Carpet is taking a position against Child Labour and supporting all activities for stopping child labor. 

•             As Yasin Kaplan Carpet, we believe that our first customers are workers and if you cannot satisfy the people working in your team, you cannot give positive service to anyone. All workers have social insurance and facilities for food and health service etc. 

•             The company is certified by OEKO-TEX-100 Certificate and all environmental certificates asked by the local government. 

•             Yasin Kaplan Carpet is achieved to get good grades in audits by Bureau Veritas and Intertek every year for Technical Audits and Social Audits. Especially for US Market, PP and PES products are analyzed for inflammability and allergic - hazardous materials.

•             At the beginning of 2015, a sprinkler system was installed in all factory areas with last technology and the factory has its own fire fighting vehicles in the factory to act in case of fire. Besides, the factory area is protected from birds and the pest control system is managed by a professional company.

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