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öztoros gıda sanayi ticaret limited şirketi is my turkey production company.

      Our company has entered meat and offal business in 1970. In year 1991, it started the facilities, under the name of öztoros gıda San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. In İzmir city. Till year 1997, we have been in retail market of beef and sheep meat and offals in our own retail shops and also we have supplied the same products to all big chain markets for retail sales in Turkey.

     In year 1997, we have established our own processing plant for meat and offals in İzmir Buca Kaynaklar and continued todo the same business in our own facility.

     In year 2004, with the inquiries we received from Far East, especially China, we have started production for export on the products of beef and sheep offal groups. In year 2010, we have stopped production for domestic market and retail sales and we gave, all our strength to enlarge our export market. Also, we have started making private productions for some of rhe big Chain markets in domestic market with the products which suit to the end buyers.

    Today, our company still continues these facilities and day by day, we enlarge our export market. Some countries which we continue  to make export are; Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietman, Ghana, Angola, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Gabon and Liberia.

Main products:

frozen beef tripe

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