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Trio Gıda ve Tarım Ürünleri İth. İhr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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Trio Food

Trio Food was inaugurated by bringing the most valuable and experienced staff of the industry together. Since then, started serving products and solutions for the milling and bakery companies. 

Trio Food produces Flour correctors and Bread improvers that solve the problems caused by various reasons, and especially the ones related to wheat quality.

Our team develops products suitable for customer need and demand, by using the latest technology laboratories to analyze wheat, then flour and by doing several daily applications in our baking center. Besides that, we carry out special works in line with customer requests, to develop special products that allows customers to be more competitive and advantageous in the market. Meanwhile, we share knowledge and experience gained over the years by organizing special training programs for customers technical staff.

Trio Food is also making difference in the Industrial products market with special solutions developed by its experienced technical staff, and intended to be used by Pasta, Biscuit, Wafer factories and large-scale bakeries to provide quality difference and price advantage to customers in both local and international markets.

Trio Food started to export Pastry ingredients and products this year due to market and customer demand.

Being a strong actor in the industry, Trio Food develops products and solutions suitable for the international market structure and needs, and exports to many countries in the world.

With its dynamic and innovative organization, Trio's strong R&D and Sales team will continue to walk shoulder to shoulder with you by developing products and solutions that respect human health and are suitable for nature and the environment.

Main products:

Bread Improver Flour Improver Enzyme mixes Enzymes Dry yeast

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