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Köymen Dairy


Ali Yalçındağ (Ali The Orphan) established the small creamery that can be considered the origin of today’s Köylüm in 1938. This was an enterprise that produced regional cheese from sheep and goat milk in the spring. The firm was run by his sons after him. In 1977, the three separate creameries working seasonally in three different villages were united in the same place (Alaşehir, Manisa) and this became a factory that worked throughout the year. Köylüm has continued its production without interruption since then and enhanced its technologic infrastructure and product quality continually in accordance with the demands of the market. Köylüm developed products to meet the needs and solve the problems of the clients especially in the non‐domestic consumer market as well as retail market. It sustains its presence as a brand focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Köylüm, which is among the big firms of the region in terms of capacity and product variety, is also among the strong providers of many national and international brands. Köylüm also carries out considerable practices in the field in terms of milk quality. Köylüm that procures raw milk from big milk farms under control instead of using collected milk, is among the distinguished firms of the sector also in this subject.

Köylüm is established in Alaşehir‐ Manisa located in the West Aegean region. In this region, 38% of raw milk of Turkey is produced. Köylüm has many years of experience in retail and horeca business. The packing weight varies between 75g and 10kg. The leading products are mozzarella and sliced processed cheese varieties.Köylümhas also the ability of manufacturing tailor‐made products for its customers. We can customize our production according to the needs of our customers as well.

Main products:

Mozzarella (block, shredde sliced and sticks), Bread coated mozzarella, Processed cheese (sliced and blocks).

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