Belgin Oil

Belgin Madeni Yağlar Tic. ve San. A.Ş.

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Belgin Oil

Belgin Oil is a leading lubricant company that has been responding to all kinds of lubricant needs of the industry since 1953 by delivering experience, outstanding production potential, advanced logistic network, powerful infrastructure, and R & D Center developments. Belgin Oil has been producing approximately more than 1000 products and exporting them to more than 50 countries from China to Chile, from America to Australia. Belgin is offering its high-quality products in 5 main categories as Metal Working Oils, Industrial lubricants, Automotive lubricants, Greases, and Marine lubricants. It has become the first Turkish Company to become a European Grease Institute (ELGI) member and a UEIL (Independent European Mineral Oil Producers Association) member as well as a member of EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Association). Belgin adds value to its business partners and customers by developing tailored products to different requirements and conditions with its vast experience, know-how, and many studies in its R&D Center. It offers rational solutions to its customers in the industries with special training programs and after-sales technical support services.

Main products:

as lubricant manufacturer: Especially metal-working fluids grease and lubricant and industrial oils.

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