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Fulser Cosmetics

Fulser is established in 1995, in Turkey. In our range, it has products based on natural ingredients and suits for the exact demand of person. And this range expands continuously.
The company (Fulser) has brands which are manufactured in Germany. These brands have been approved by European standards and produced with high German technology, quality and sensitivity. By the help and revolutionary ideas of expert scientists and chemists, combines with the power of natural ingredients and being served for you.
With renewed facility and new operation, we reach our customers through pharmacies, national and local market chains, cosmetics chains and much more, in all over Turkey. We are working with pleasure for more than 20 years, in all 81 cities, in Turkey.

Main products:

Hair Shampoo Hair Tonic Hair Oils Hair Serums Body Creams Anti-Cellulite Creams Anti-Cellulite Brushes Aloe Vera Gels Warming Gels Cooling Gels

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