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HBLUX Technology was created from a partnership between a 20 years Experienced Electrical engineer and 25 years Experienced Architect. These two experiences have been merged to give birth to a brand with the flair of innovation, associating a cutting-edge design with the Electrical/ Electronic technical deep expertise & scrupulous innovative process that guarantees the hight quality & reliability.

We design, advise, manufacture unique, proven, & exquisite selection of LED lighting fixtures. Our core focus and reason for being is to Light your projects with the most innovative and high quality outdoor& Indoor Led lighting products.

We are honored to be the example of an authentic Made in turkey branding, which combines perfectly both indoor and outdoor bespoke Lighting fixtures wich are all designed at our headquarters in Ankara.


Solution Obsession

We are focused with our Design, Production and Sales department in accordance with our R&D department to create the most effecient, innovative and cutomized lighting solutions Which address our client’s needs.


As per our brand name, we are specialised in creating Customized, reliable, minimalist, inspiring and cutting-edge Lighting solutions.

Made in Turkey

HbLux is promissing our clients high quality products and services prouven from Third-party laboratories which work in compliance with the World standards. We are working under ISO 9001 quality and we are cooperating with the World brands and best Components manufacturers inside and outside Turkey.

Main products:

LED Lighting Luminaires, Pole Lighting

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