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As Doruk Un Sanayi A.S., part of the Doruk Group, we are one of the largest producers and exporters of wheat flour from Turkey with a combined production capacity of 2,500 MT / day from our state of the art wheat flour production facilities. Currently our exports reach over 40 countries worldwide. Our Group has 3 main divisions: -Agriculture As the founders of the group are originally farmers, agriculture has been always one of the critical key factors in our production processes. We are growing seeds and wheat in our 2 farms located in different parts of Turkey, as our own raw materials as well as for our domestic sales. - Flour Production Our company is one of the largest wheat flour producer and exporter of Turkey . Factory was established 45 years ago and has been active in the traditional export markets since. In our state of the art mills, we have a daily production capacity of 2,500mts. We are exporting about half of this capacity to Far East, South East Asia, Middle East and to African destinations regularly. We would like to add that we are producing different qualities of wheat flour on tailor made basis to satisfy the needs of the end users at all the destinations, i.e. baguette, loaf, pita bread flour as well as noodle, biscuit, wafer, cracker and animal feed grade stemming from our experience in international markets and the bakery industry. - Retail Bakery Operations The group is the founder of industrial baking in Turkey. UNO has been the market leader since its establishment in the local market with packaged bread and other bakery products. Our retail outlets (neighborhood bakeries called Komsufirin) are selling freshly baked bread and bakery products. So far we over 100 outlets in Istanbul alone.

Main products:

Wheat flour Customized wheat flour as per our customer's specification for noodle, biscuit, bread, all-purpose and even aqua feed manufacturing

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