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The Güres Group that is the largest sole and fully integrated egg producer of Turkey. Güres Group established in 360.000 sqm areas and our product range expands day by day Thanks to the studies carried out constantly by the R&D department and Engineers in our company in order to produce Layers under best conditions The fully automated cages produced in Güres Poultry Technology Plant have a capacity of 3.000.000 birds per year. Our chicken and chick cages composing of 8 tiers for the local production are sold in the national and international markets. Gures Technology manufactures battery cage systems such as Chicken Cages with variety dimensions; Layer Cage, Enrichable Layer Cage, Enriched Layer Cage, Layer Breeder Cage, Chick Rearing Cage, Broiler Cage, Broiler Breeder Cage, Quail Cage, Quail Rearing Cage and Climate Control system solutions for poultry houses. We also provide related systems such as egg collection systems ( elevator egg collection, niagara egg collection) , Feed distribution systems (Trolley Feed Distribution, Chain Feed Distribution, Spiral Feeding), Climate Control - Ventilation systems (providing homogeneous ventilation, cooling and humidity control as based on project and customers request) , automation and lighting system. The mounting, technical service and maintenance after sales are carried out in our country and in the world by our Professional Technical Department. Güres Group export poultry equipments Czech Republic, Russia, Balkan States, Georgia, Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Ksa, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhistan ,Middle East countries and many countries in the world from the hottest climates to coldest climate We also export ISA BROWN Commercial Day Old Chicks, please find in the attachment the booklet about it. Güres Group, is proud to serve his customers, consumers, society and country acting upon his unconditional customer satisfaction principle thanks to his national and international quality certificates. We would be very much appreciated to hear from you about the possibilities what we can do together. We are open to discuss any kind of business opportunities anytime. Please find in the attachment our catalouge Please also feel free to contact with us anytime for full infomation about any questions.

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