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Artella Kapı, Tresette Mutfak

Aslandağ Group,

The family of Aslandağ's interest to the wood products has been based on 60 years ago. 

Being located in Istanbul / Turkey, we are one of the leading interior door and kitchen manufacturers in the region. Our target clients are the most reputable high end projects throughout the Country and abroad as well. Our locally known brands: Artella® for wooden interior doors, Tresette® for kitchen cabinets.

Artella Door: All the series of doors we have in our range, the construction of our doors consists of wooden rails &stiles, MDF surfaces.We are able to produce the doors with various finishes available: Lacquer (with wide range of colours), Engineered veneer (Alpi), Natural veneers and Laminate. We are also capable of producing Acoustic door and Fire rated wooden doors up to 90 minutes fire rating (all BS and EN certified). 

Tresette kitchen is a leading kitchen manufacturer in Turkey. We are selling our products with our licenced brand name, through our uniqe distribution channels. 

Currently there are 9 sub showrooms of Artella Door and Tresette Kitchen through out Turkey and 5 sales points/showrooms in England, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan and USA. 
Based on our manufacturing facilities total of 10.000 sqm in Tuzla/İstanbul. In addition, our company is investing in a new factory of 40.000 sqm in the Sakarya/Kaynarca Organized Industrial Zone, which will be operational in 2025.

Main products:

Wooden interior doors / Fire rated doors / Acoustic door Fitted modular kitchen units

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