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HavalandırmaGrup has been maintaining its service and quality standards at the maximum level for 10 years. Our leading company in the sector offers you the opportunity to find every product you are looking for quickly and easily with its rich product range.

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HavalandırmaGrup started in 2009 in Ankara with the sale of Ventilation and Air Ducts accessories and has grown steadily to this day.

Ventilation Group, whose field of activity first started by selling Air Duct Accessories and Air Duct Equipment, after expanding its customer portfolio, in 2012, based on sector and customer needs, Ventilation Devices, ventilation Systems, Elastomeric Rubber Insulation products and insulation materials sales, Flexible Flexible Air Ducts, Embossed Air Ducts, Prismatic Air Ducts, Circular Air Ducts, Ventilation Grilles, Ventilation Dampers, Ventilation Louvers and Anemostads have enlarged the working area. While contributing to the national income of the country by making sales outside Ankara as well as in Ankara, it made sales to countries such as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kuwait with the growth of its customer portfolio.

Our company has always kept the understanding of "Service and Quality First" in the foreground. The targets of increasing product quality and increasing the capacity brought along technological investments. As a result of the increase in service and quality-oriented studies and the rapidly growing construction activities in the country, it started to produce Ventilation Devices and Air Duct Accessories in 2013. In the same years, the first companies that come to mind in the sector, Isıdem, Bvn Motor , Blauberg Fan, Ayas Fan, Aksa Motor Fan aircol, etc., increased its product and brand range.

Today, the HavalandırmaGrup provides services in the supply of materials in all kinds of Mechanical Installation and ventilation sectors, and can respond to all kinds of special orders and special projects.

Main products:

MAIN EXPORT PRODUCTS: Air handling unit Pool dehumidification unit Rooftop cooling systems Electrostatic and activated carbon filtering unit Heat recovery unit Jet Fans, pressurization and smoke extraction fans Cooling Groups Insulation material and fixings

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