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REDE Chemicals

It founded by A.R Bülent Ekmen and Vedide Yıldıran, started its commercial activities in Istanbul in 1985. Since its inception, Turkey while across the mineral oil and raw materila sales in 2005 Emre Ekmen from the firms's involvement with mineral oil, grease, rwa materials and chemical imports. Imports by stepping into the export of raw materials in 2008 - entered the export of life and with each passing year, however has grown and become one of the well-know companies in the sector. As REDE KIMYA, we also assist companies that want to invest in the mineral oil and grease sector in colsultancy formula - laboratory studies, factory establishment, project desing and grows with them by supporting companies.

Main products:

Additives for crankcase (lubricants) Additives for grease Additives for antifreeze break fluid DOT 3 and DOT 4

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