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Our adventure, started in 2008 with new construction of Iraq, developed in line with the needs of region day by day and brought a new dimension to the architectural structure of the region of Northern Iraq due to structural features of buildings it constructed. We became successful in many fields with our investments and strong joint ventures in all sectors we operate such as Construction and Contracting, Mine, Ready Mixed Concrete, Building Construction Materials, Real Estate Development and Investment, Tourism, Energy, Logistics, Fuel Oil, Foreign Trade. What is more, we have adopted the principle of contributing not only to construction, living spaces but also to social structure and cultural development of the regions where we operate with projects supporting economic structure and education.

In order to achieve our goals, we progress under the guidance of our corporate values:

• Customer satisfaction,

• Carrying out projects in foreseen time and quality, 

• Continuity of success and permanence in the sector,

• We are certain that our achievements, began in Iraq, would continue in all middle eastern region, we would contribute to the development of the country and achieve our future goals as long as we continue our activities in accordance with expertise in contemporary technology, respect for human and environment, contribution to the society.

Main products:

steel mesh plastic spacers cable

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