Promise Home Design Ltd.

Promise Home Design

We at Promise Home Design, import furniture and complementary design, sold to private customers on site with home delivery, as well as a selection of stores throughout the country, which places us as one of the leading and oldest companies in the market. We provide our customers with excellent service and make sure that our products are of the highest quality materials, and the design of the items will be of the highest level of finish. At Promise you will find everything from everything - furniture with classic traditional design, modern furniture combined with rustic touches and minimalist styles. We work in collaboration with the leading architects in Israel, interior designers and home styling, and small to large hotels and behind us are several large and small projects. Today we manufacture and import designed furniture from India, Indonesia and China. We are looking to work with Turkish manufacture that have more modern design furniture, not the heavy antique furniture , I will share with you pictures of items I like . But We are looking for manufacturers who will surprise us with new designs and good quality.


Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products