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Shai Quality Products

Shai Quality Products Ltd. has 44 years of experience in the production and marketing of albums and frames. The beginning of our journey as a large manufacturer in Israel, we have gained a great reputation for our products: albums in a large variety and frames. Over the years we have developed and designed thousands of products, and won international recognition. We market a large variety of event albums, leather albums, digital cameras, memory cards, lenses and tripods.In recent years, Shai company has developed several areas of business in Israel in the field of import and production from China, including a brand called Shikko in the field of electric bicycles and ancillary products for electric bicycles. Today you will find our products in almost all stores in Israelwe work in 400 photo shops in israel, also in 200 shops of bicycles. we have 18 employees, and small chain stores of bikes.

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