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Vitorio Divani

Vittorio Divani Ltd. is a pioneering and leading company in Israel in the sale of furniture for the home and office, located in Natanya. Vittorio Divani have developed a unique import method, which allows customers to enjoy personal import and/or custom production of the product chosen by you while maintaining high quality and competitive prices. Our portfolio contains a huge and high-quality variety of products for the home, the garden and the office, through our quality control we make sure that the products you ordered will arrive in excellent quality. We invested a lot of thought and advanced technology in the construction and design of our website, in order to make it pleasant to look at and user-friendly, while allowing online viewing and impressions of the product inventory, technical specifications and their maximum description in their presentation. You can find the variety of products on the leading trade websites in Israel such as Walla Shops, the shopping channel, P1000, Groupon, BUY2, Kanya Tova and other trade websites. The company employs a lean team of 10, They import in volume of around 25 containers of 40 f. High Cube.

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Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products