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İstanbul Teknik İnşaat

Istanbul Teknik is a building material production, sale, engineering solutions, and applications company founded in 1998 with 100% Turkish capital. It is also the first and the largest geogrid producer in Turkey and is a member of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).
With its wide range of products, Istanbul Teknik provides services in the fields of Marble, Asphalt, Landscaping, Insulation and Geosynthetics. It offers unique solutions for each customer through its engineers and specialized employees. It has achieved many FIRSTs and BESTs with the products, solutions, and applications developed by it.
In 2019, the Company became an authorized R&D Center in the field of Geosynthetics and Asphalt Additives based on the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade.  
Istanbul Teknik has currently become a company that continuously develops new products and solutions in the fields of Geosynthetics, Asphalt Additives, Insulation Products, and Marble Products, presents products that are used safely at 1.000 points in the domestic market and over 80 countries, and manufactures its products at its factory equipped by modern technology on an area of 30.000 sqm in Bolu, and further maintains its leadership in the sector.

Main products:

Geosynthetic producer, Asphalt chemicals producer, Building insulation, Infrastructure projects Subcontractor,

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