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The journey of our high-quality products begins with the cultivation of carefully produced seeds in our greenhouses with the same care. Our seedlings set off from here towards the fertile lands of our country and the lights of the sun.Our products, which are grown with sustainable agricultural techniques, come to life with the gifted hands of our farmers and are harvested with intimate care just in time.Collected peppers are dried in drying facility under natural conditions with high quality standards.They are made ready for processing in our factories equipped with advanced technology.In our chili pepper facilities at Tire, every stage is carried out conscientiously and in accordance with the desired quality standards. Our facility is defined as the country's highest capacity chili pepper factory.We serve market with a unique product portfolio, together with our Galetos company, which produces all kinds of coating and filling materials in different flavours and colours with its professional team, and Saniçay, a herbal tea factory.Spices as the gift of nature are meticulously processed in separate lines and sections installed for each product in our Kemalpaşa facilities, without mixing their dazzling delicious scents.Being certified at the highest level with the certificates required by the industry with our goal of achieving world standards in food safety, opens the way for us to lead the market for many years. Our certificates such as BRC, FSSC 22.000, HALAL, KOSHER, SEDEX indicates our vision of quality.Production is carried out under the Sanimix brand for spice mixes and advanced processing combined spices, which enable us to provide professional engineering services to our customers. With our experienced R&D team, we are able to produce tailor made spice mixes with different flavours.In Turkey's first and largest steam sterilization unit, Sanita, products are sterilized according to customer demands while being packaged and stored under completely hygienic conditions.In our laboratories equipped with the updated technology and expert team; many physical, microbiological and chemical analyses can be performed. As the leading company in the sector, we can carry out almost all analyses defined in the specifications for the spices in our portfolio. We have the vision for continuous improvement and development. (Analysis names) Aflatoxin, ochratoxin, bitterness, colour, dye, pesticide, curcumin, piperine, and PA(Device names) HPLC, LC/MC-MC, UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER.The capacity of our packaging facility, which is capable of filling pet and glass bottles in addition to Doypack, Quadro pack, sitting bags and pillow bags from 1 gram to 25 kg with over seventy packaging machines, is 15 million pieces per month.We continue to work with all national and international well-known brands in Turkey and do private label production and filling for world-leading companies in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and America.As of today, we contribute to our country by exporting over 60 countries.As a leading producer with the widest product portfolio, we constantly follow the market and continue our investments incrementally. Our company, which was founded with the awareness that success in the fascinating world of spices is not by chance but by hard work, continues to grow and develop day by day in safe hands with the support of our founder and the great effort of the second generation.

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