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Our company, which started its textile journey as a family company under the name of Snow White in 1975, decided to continue its journey under the name Pamina by expanding its business and dreams in 2011.

The primary goal of Pamina since the day it was founded was to make a name for herself with her designs and to be the determinant of fashion.

Aiming to raise its place in the fashion industry as a design-oriented brand, the company takes its name from the young princess character in Mozart's "Magic Flute" opera. Designing clothes only for girls, Pamina directs her designs by adopting a creative, dreamy and ever-evolving fashion sense.

Pamina, which is among the important brands of children's fashion in many countries of the world, especially in Turkey, exports to 7 continents.


As the Pamina family, as we have aimed since the day we were founded; We moved our international activities in the field of export to the ONLINE platform. We continue to bring Pamina's designs, which are renewed every day, to the giants of the industry from all over the world, online.

You can see our collections instantly with our online sales platform. You can create your wholesale orders in a short time and at any time thanks to the practical interface of our site. We are happy to deliver our designs to every corner of the world and to meet you online.


Our brand, which attracts a lot of attention in children's clothing fairs in Turkey and around the world, prepares 2 wide collections, autumn-winter and spring-summer, every year with a large R&D team that keeps the pulse of children's fashion.

By presenting its collections in fairs and prestigious fashion shows that keep the pulse of fashion in the country and abroad, our brand continues to bring its renewed line and fascinating designs together with the giants of the sector.


As Pamina, we continue our work without slowing down with a large R&D team aiming to shape children's fashion. One of our biggest goals is to realize productions that respect people and nature, due to our sensitivity to children's health.

We adopt the quality of the preferred material and the perfection of handcraft as the first condition of production. For customer satisfaction, we believe in the power of tight and perfect communication with customers, as well as stylish, comfortable and smiling designs, and we maintain our sensitivity on this issue meticulously on our online platform.


As the Pamina family, as we have aimed since the first day of our establishment; With our design, production and export activities, we have managed to become one of the leading brands of the sector in the national and international arena.

As Pamina in our design process; We set out to create original, surprising, eye-catching designs that are suitable for Pamina's current style but do not repeat itself.

As a secondary stage; We determine the colors we will highlight this year, and we carry out long-term R&D studies during the fabric and accessory selection phase.

We move on to the modeling part with the creation of detailed technical drawings, which we have prepared according to body measurements on the 6 months -14 age scale, and we decide on all the details with the careful touches of our designers.


Our detailed model drawings, carefully prepared by our designers, are prepared for the cutting process by combining selected fabrics and auxiliary materials.

As Pamina, it is very important for us that the fabric conforms to the quality standards and is flawless.

Compliance with the fabric, design and quality standards of the auxiliary products we use (lining, interlining, thread, button zipper, etc.) is one of the most important issues we pay attention to.

All the materials prepared in the next stage are presented to our experienced cutting team, with whom we have been working for many years, and we are one step closer to the magnificent end.


One of the most important stages of transforming a great design into a beautiful outfit that adorns children's dreams is undoubtedly the sewing stage.

In order to get a perfect result, small sections such as pockets, collars and darts are sewn first. Secondly, other assembled parts are brought together.

In the last stage of sewing, the clothes are subjected to quality control.

As Pamina, it's time to accessorize, which is one of the most important parts of us. All the details in the designs; Bows, belts, hair accessories and beading, sequins and stone embroideries that complete the dress take their place in the clothes with a perfect handwork.


For us, preparing our products which we set out to deliver to the whole world, with every detail is  as important as a stylish and unique collection.

As Pamina, we never compromise on our quality standards. All the products we produce are checked one by one by our quality control department and made ready for packaging. After the ironing and packaging process, the final quality controls are made and our products are on their way for a new season.

We are also happy to have completed a wonderful collection

Our design adventure started with stylish girls' dresses. At the point we have reached today, we now produce clothes in different categories that girls need and continue to reflect Pamina's elegance. Special day dresses, daily stylish clothes, home wear and tracksuits took their places in our collection with unique Pamina interpretations.

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