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As a family company founded by a female/woman entrepreneur, we pay attention not to use any additive ingredients as in traditional methods. This is the most important principle we adopt as a company. 


The first rule to follow in order to do a job right is to respect what you do. We respect and love our profession and we know that life begins with love.

Products, like children, must be produced with love. In order to produce good quality olives and olive oil, they must be grown with love.


We continue our business life with the responsibility of not selling the products we do not eat.

Production requires loyalty, continuity, work and love. As a committed company, we love our job, and we are constantly working for progression. We want to exist with our business and our products. In accordance with the principle of doing what you know well, inherited from our ancestors, we try to do what we know well.


As customers, our expectation from the products we consume is to always receive the same quality. Therefore, our main goal is to always give our customers the same taste and quality in accordance with our expectations.


We have been producing olives and olive crops for 10 years since we entered the business life. We carefully follow every step of the field, from ploughing to harvesting, to the olives coming to the table, and we take part in every stage of production. As a company run by a female producer, we believe that never compromising discipline brings quality.


Our aim in business life is to follow both the traditional and the new and to produce with support from them, so that the quality is always better without losing the quality of handcraft.

As a company, our strategy is to continue on our way as a boutique company by preserving taste and quality. We will never give up on this strategy so that the taste of our products will always be remembered on the way to people's hearts.


In 2018, we laid the first foundations of REZEN. Our branding process took about 14 months. We started our journey by researching which market we should be in. We have always produced quality for exactly 10 years, and we will never compromise on our quality. Our aim; not to produce flavorless products, but to produce delicacies that go to the heart, not to remain as a temporary fad, but to be constantly present in business life. If we protect the quality constantly and regularly, we are sure that those whose path is quality and taste will definitely come across our products one day. Producing flavor requires seriousness and effort. As our children says;



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