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Forta Innovative Construction is a 100% Turkish capital enterprise with its expert engineer staff and has been established to provide innovative construction solutions to the Turkish construction sector in addition to export its knowledge about construction sector and products to the whole World.

Beyond supplying products, Forta Innovative Construction has become a solution partner of all the companies it serves in all areas so far with project consultancy and turnkey project services.

As a solution, since 1978, for primary concrete reinforcing technology, FORTA introduced Forta-Ferro macro fiber reinforcement technology which has been used as a concrete reinforcing primary reinforcement and made it irreplaceable product of industrial constructions and tunnels - has expanded its product range with Mighty Mono micro fiber reinforcement as secondary reinforcement. Additionally, stainless GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) bar reinforcement which has three times higher tensile strength than steel reinforcement and Polarbeton for light weight fills and insulation concrete are also other innovative products in concrete group.

Our Polka product group, which we started production activities in Veliköy in 2017 as FortaInnovative Construction, has been a follower of quality in the rubber industry since the day it started production. Forta aims to provide added value to projects with its expert engineer staff and experienced staff. In the rubber industry where we entered with Integrated Pipe Seal and Tunnel Sealing Gasket, today we continue to serve in different areas such as door and window systems, aluminum facade systems, ship building seals, automotive industry seals, grouting seals and clamp tires in line with customer demands.

Main products:

Rubber Gasket, Aluminum Facade System Gaskets, EPDM, Raised Floors, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polimer Rebar, Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement, Grouting Seal, Integrated Pipe Seal, TBM Segment Sealing Gasket

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