Eutectic Car

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Eutectic Car

ATC INT LLC. As a globally operating company and specialist in Engineering, R&D services and manufacturing.

Eutectic refrigerated body, Eutectic plates refrigeration, Eutectic solutions, 
Eutectic plates production with thermal zinc coated, eutectic refrigeration for road, Eutectic truck body, ice-cream transportation, eutectic plate spare parts. Eutectic refrigeration systems, Eutecticplates and eutectic refrigeration.

Trailers, Reefer trailers, Box body trailers, Box body semi-trailers, Platform Trailers
Demountable Systems, Box Trailers, Tipper Trailers, Flatbed Turntable Trailers, Container Chassis (Trailer).

Also ATC provide solutions as ; 

Our knowledge, expertise and innovative thinking are reinventing the manufacturing process.
Robotics Manufacturing 4.0, Robotic & Cobot Robot Solutions, Paper tubes production machines and plants and turnkey plant solutions.

Main products:

Eutectic plates Eutectic refrigerated body Trailer Reefer trailer Container Chassis Paper tube Machine Robotic Projects