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TIMAGRI.com is an Ag Tech company concentrates on farm digitization by offering every necessary equipment and software for the purpose of digitizing and tracing farm to fork journey of the produce.

TIMAGRI.com lists many different farm equipment and precision farming products at online platform with their connectivity to cloud base TIMAGRI farm management software, TIMAGRI App and decision-support programs to manage & trace the production journey of orchard, field, and greenhouse crop. Regional TIMAGRI SST (Sales-Service-Training) centers help farming businesses on implementation of relevant equipment for complete farm digitization cycle.

TIMAGRI designs many different farm equipment and contract manufacture these products at many different international facilities. Only conventional farm equipment is not enough to analyze farm operations, farm equipment should be supplied with digital components to sustain cloud connectivity, farm data flow from in & out of the farm equipment and sensors is necessary to manage and trace farm production. TIMAGRI.com lists every product for the purpose to complete farm digitization process including conventional farm equipment and their digital components.

TIMAGRI is developing farm management program to effectively manage all farm data and help farming business on effective farm operation and equipment management. Farm operations planned in cloud based TIMAGRI farm management program will be transferred to TIMAGRI App and farm equipment operation will be controlled through connected services. Completed operation data will feed TIMAGRI farm management program and updated farm operation history will generate traceable farm production.

TIMAGRI farm management program together with its supplemental connected services will create traceability of farm produce, data will be reached by scanning barcodes on packaging of the farm produce and revealed reports will list how much farming input used for crop growth. End consumers will have a full picture of the production history and it will be possible to see how much farming business contributed to sustainable farming practices. Collective awareness on the subject will increase demand for crops with production history and farming businesses who follow such practice will be able to promote their produce with premiums and eventually every farming business would like to apply such production system on their farms.

We are inviting all stakeholders that would like to change the impact of farming positively on our health and environment to join TIMAGRI.com platform, hope with stakeholder’s participation and contribution we will create a more sustainable future.

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