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Alternatif Ltd. is located at the heart of the Turkish spice market in Izmir and has been serving quality products since 1995. We have over 20 years of experience in processing and exporting a diverse range of herbs and spices from Turkey to all over the world. We understand the importance of providing high quality products to our customers and make sure our products to always meet or exceed customer’s specifications. With our commitment to quality, we have established strong, lifelong partnerships with all of our clients.

Our production facilities are located in Torbali,  Izmir, Turkey. We can produce to customer specifications in addition to our predefined product specifications. We have separate processing lines for each product designed to process raw materials in our product portfolio such as cumin seeds, oregano, blue poppy seeds, white poppy seeds, anise seeds, and bay leaves. Our production capacity is over 50 tons/day for seeds and over 5 tons/day for leaves.

We produce and export  Poppy seeds ( Blue and White )  , cumin seeds (whole or grounded), Anise seeds, Mahlab, Oregano, laurel leaves. We a streamlined sterilization process for all of our spices. We are a  Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) certified company. We are able to meet the sterilization requirements mandated internationally, and offer products sterilized by either steam or Ethylene Oxide. Our sterilized products are guaranteed to meet the safety and quality thresholds enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, we ensure the quality of our handling, manufacturing, and storage practices by having the FSSC 22000 certification.  As we strive to continually improve our manufacturing processes, we have completely renewed our machinery and production lines used to process our high-quality spices in 2016. Our manufacturing lines consist of state of the art, digitally controlled production equipment that allows us to sustain the quality of the production over time. 

Our production line includes 2 Buhler Sortex optical sorter allowing us to provide uncompromising sorting performance for products such as poppy seed, anise, and cumin. Optically sorted products are the height of quality, as cumin and anise are guaranteed better than 99% purity and poppy seed guaranteed 99.9% purity. 

Our state of the art oregano processing line is fully operated with air and moves the product through the system with air. We employ gravity separation, air separation, magnetic sifting to remove foreign matters and achieve the highest quality. We produce and ship only botanically pure products. With strong neodymium magnets and metal detectors installed in the production line we make sure that the products we ship are clear from any metal residue.   


Our Products;

*Poppy Seeds “Blue and White poppy seeds”

*Cumin Seeds “Whole or Grounded”

*Anis Seeds “Whole or Grounded”

*Fennel Seeds



*Laurel Leaves

*Sage Leaves

*Linden Leaves and Flowers

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Main products:

Poppy Seeds “Blue and White poppy seeds” Cumin Seeds “Whole or Grounded” Anis Seeds “Whole or Grounded” Fennel Seeds Mahlab Oregano Laurel Leaves Sage Leaves Linden Leaves and Flowers

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