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Our establishment, which started its operations as Anadolu Sofrasi in 2001 and
continued as Tokana Unlu Mamülleri Üretim Gıda San.Tic.A.S in 2004, was established
in order to produce tokana meat pasty with 100% beef meat without
additives. Tokana has become a preferred brand by the important companies of
the sector by carrying the quality line on the first day to the highest levels.
Tokana, which has reached its production capacity of 250 tons per month and is
the leader in the production of first quality real soya-free meat pastry in Istanbul,
has become the favorite of conscious consumers according to its alternatives.
In Tokana, quality starts from the supply of raw materials. According to the type
of product in the acceptance of goods temperature, production and expiration
dates according to the criteria such as stored in the appropriate storage conditions,
the products are included in the production with the understanding of
hygiene and hygiene controls are constantly provided.
All frozen products produced are shock -40°C, packaged
in different packages, stored at -18°C. Our baked
+4°C products are packaged with modified atmosphere
and stored at +4°C.
Nowadays, as our children grow up without
tasting the true taste of the meat pasty and
consider the meat pasty as a kind of macaroni.
Tokana produces traditional Tokana meat pasties
originally which is accepted as one of the best
tastes at the world.
Tokana, A boutique producer has been producing
tastes from the highest quality materials with an
intensive labour and besides Tokana Turkish meat pasty, has
also added our traditional tastes such as Rolls (Pasta with Cheese Parsley Filling,
Turkish Pastrami Pastry, Spring Rolls, Triangler Shaped Phyllo Pastry with Mincemeat/
Vegetable/Cheese Filling), Turkish Pancake, Antep Style Lahmajun, Turkish
Pita, Turkish Stuffed Meatballs/Kibbeh, to its products.
Tokana, also supports social responsibility studies in to be carried out in accordance
with its original values, owes its brand value to the institutional culture,
which always adopts the principle of offering high quality and healthy tastes. (no
additives, preservatives,chemical, soy beans are used in any of our products)

Main products:

Turkish ravioli, Lahmacun, Kıbbeh, Flatbread, Su borek, kunefeh, Katmer

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