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As Haver Farma İlaç, we aim to continuously improve our product portfolio by closely following the developments in the health sector, and to become a preferred company in national and international markets by realising dynamic and pioneering structuring in the areas we serve. With this vision, we have prioritised our R&D investments and focused on high value-added products and exportable products. Our organisation progresses step by step towards its goals with the values agreed upon with its employees. Sensitive to the environment and aiming at continuous development with innovative technologies and approaches, does not give up the search for better and realises all these with the effort to provide services based on holistic quality understanding, without leaving the understanding of honesty and honesty, carrying the high level of responsibility that we produce benefits for health, Haver Farma İlaç has accelerated its efforts to become a leading player not only in our country but also in international markets.Haver Farma İlaç prioritises product development activities at our R&D centre in Marmara Technopolis and its investments are mainly in the field of hospital products. By prioritising the production of the relevant products in its portfolio, it has provided full support to ensure product availability in the treatment of our hospitalised patients during the fight against Covid-19 and aims to continue to do so. In addition, Haver Farma Pharmaceuticals focuses on the development and commercialisation of prescription and over-the-counter pharmacy products as well as products for specific therapies. In 2021, our organisation will step into the field of consumer health with the vitamin portfolio it plans to launch, and aims to support public health in the field of food supplements with the innovative products it will offer to this market. Our organisation, which plans to incorporate its local production competence and power into Haver Farma İlaç, has directed its investments to this field in line with its strategic plan targets.

Main products:

Hospital products, Analgesics, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Renal, Amino Asits, Obstetrics, Vitamins, Otc products,

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