Tellioğlu Wheat Flour

Tellioglu Wheat Flour

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Tellioğlu Wheat Flour

Tellioğlu Flour Mill is one of the biggest flour mill in Turkiye. We are producing wheat flour by using higgest quality raw materials with more than 42 years experience and exporting around 40 countries.

We export wheat flour around the world with the specks of customer needs and private label with different package size such as;

  • 1-2-5-8-10 kg  
  • 25 kg craft bags & 50 kg PP bag

Please see below our conventional and organic certificated flours, bread flour mixes .Please also do not forget to visit our web site

Main products :

  1. Flour for Breads and biscuits
  2. Flour for Cake & Pastry
  3. Flour for Croissant, Puff Pastry and Baklava
  4. Pizza and Pita Flour
  5. All Purpose Flour
  6. %100 Whole Wheat Flour
  7. %100 Rye Flour

Organics :

  1. Organic Wheat flour
  2. Organic Whole wheat flour
  3. Organic Pasta

Bread Flour Mixes :

  1. Multigrain Mix
  2. Traditional Vilage Bread Mix 
  3. Whole Wheat Bread Mix
  4. Rye Bread Mix

Main products:

Wheat flour Organic Wheat Flour Pasta Organic Pasta Granola Pasta sauce

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