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After working at various companies in Bursa for 16 years, Denizci sold his car for 22 thousand TL in 2006 and made use of that Money as a capital to import curtain fabric to 40 countries today. When he first founded his company, Denizci made use of his home as an Office and he said that his first export was to Poland. Stating that they started to become capable of exporting to 12 countries a year later, Denizci said they expanded their business into the markets of Czechoslovakia, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Korea and China. Mentioning about their sales to China, Denizci said: “There is manufacturing everywhere in China. Selling to China is like selling ice to Eskimos.

My clients in Europa can purchase goods from China. It is difficult to sell goods to China. There is foreign language problem. 99 percent of the clients in China cannot speak and write in English. Sending goods to China takes 6 or 8 weeks. When we load goods into the plane, this period can take less. What is important in China is to find the right people and to avoid traps. As a result of my researches and studies, I managed to find a distributor. 30 percent of our export is consisted of China. We aim at reaching 50 percent in 2014.” Stating that they prefer to work in undiscovered markets more, Denizci said: “Last year, Turkey’s export to the Democratic Republic of Kongo was 5 thousand dollars. In the last expo, we made a deal for 100 thousand dollars. We are currently working fort his.”


Ayhan Denizci, who sold his car in 2006 after working at various companies for 16 years in Bursa, has been exporting to 40 countries in total by stepping into new markets in curtain fabric sector. The most important problem of Denizci is China – the focus of attention for many textile businessmen.

Denizci thinks that exporting to this country is like selling ice to Eskimos. Ayhan Denizci, owner of Marinero Home Companies of Ayhan Denizci Textile Industry Trading Ltd. Co which was founded in 2006 and working in Ayhan Denizci Textile Industry and Trading 

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